Alison Cameron

Alison is a skilled professional HR Manager with
experience in a range of industry sectors, such as
publishing, printing, financial services, airport
management and retail.

She began her career in publishing, as part of a head office environment, developing a sound fundamental knowledge of HR systems and processes, then moving to the printing and manufacturing environment to support and develop a workforce of 200 through a period of extensive change, including plant closure, redundancy and redeployment.

In the publishing arena, Alison worked with a variety of business units including those writing and creating software (games) as well as the more traditional paper based publishing businesses.  This work included being part of a large corporate project to develop a shared back office service for a group of companies with a key role focusing on job design and recruitment.

After a period of worldwide travel Alison retrained in environmental management.  After a two-year study period during which she worked part-time as HR Manager for a luxury retailer in an airport environment, she joined a major south east airport in an environmental role.   Alison spent a very happy time as part of team who set up and developed a fully-fledged environmental function for the airport which achieved the ISO14001 accreditation.

Alison took some time out from the work place to support her family, and returned in 2011 to work as a freelance HR consultant, providing HR administration and on-site support, to develop HR functions and systems within the retail and hospitality sectors.

Alison has worked with Helen as an Associate of Solution22 for over 10 years before joining the Company on a permanent basis in 2015.

Alison finds that working in the two disciplines of Human Resources and Environment Management hugely fulfilling.   She believes that the experience of working in HR made her a better Environment Manager and vice versa.   There have been many crossovers not least of which is working with people to develop their understanding, experience and expertise as a way of building a sustainable future.

Alison provides vital behind the scenes support for Solution22, but can be coaxed out of the office to work with special clients!

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