Our Code of Conduct……

With the festive season upon us, we can all get a bit carried away, so we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of our code of conduct and the high standards of behaviour we expect from our team!


Please remember that whilst at social related events as well as when at work, you continue to represent the Company and should behave in a professional, kind and responsible manner.


Conduct Outside Working Hours

We have no wish to intrude upon your activities or interests outside work. However, we expect you not to engage in any activity outside working hours which-

  • Could result in adverse publicity to our organisation.
  • May cause us to question your integrity.
  • Prevents you from performing your duties/responsibilities to our satisfaction.
  • Prevents us meeting our legal obligations.
  • Could be construed as inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour towards a colleague.


Alcohol consumption

Consumption of alcohol, immediately preceding the start of your shift, during breaks or whist working on shift is strictly forbidden. The Company may consider an employee found to be under the influence of alcohol whilst at work as having committed an act constituting Gross Misconduct.


Alcohol at social functions on or off site should be consumed in moderation and drunkenness is not acceptable.


The law prevails therefore you must not drive if you could be above the legal drink/drive limit and please remember this can also apply to the morning after!



Illegal drugs

The law prevails therefore any use of illegal drugs or being under the influence of illegal drugs at a work and social related event is strictly prohibited.



All employees are responsible for ensuring they do not discriminate against or offend any fellow employees or third party.  Remember we are an equal opportunities employer, and we must conduct all our business in a manner that must not discriminate or disadvantage on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, age, sex or sexual orientation, ethnic origin, marital status, disability or religion, this equally applies at work or social events.


Violence, assault or serious verbal abuse

The law prevails so any actual or threatened violence of any kind is unacceptable.

Confidential Information

In a more relaxed environment, particularly where alcohol is being consumed, there is a risk of confidentiality being breached.  Employees must be careful to ensure confidential and sensitive business information is not discussed with fellow employees or third parties.  Your contractual obligations relating to all aspects of confidentiality continue to apply when you are not at work, including work and social related events.


Use of social media

We ask you to use social media responsibly and that you are conscious of our Equality of Opportunity, Inclusion and Diversity values when using social media. It is not the proper forum to air grievances about your colleagues or make personal or insulting comments about them.  It is also important that you do not make any of your colleagues feel excluded!


























I acknowledge I have read and understood the code of conduct.
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